Monday, April 30, 2012

Photo Fun Friday

I have a very terrific lady in my life that I am lucky enough to call my best friend. I have mentioned her before, and she even took our blog family photos! That's right, I am talking about the pint sized, craft loving, beard dating, silent giggling Mindi.

This past Friday she asked me to "play" and take some photos with her new lens, an 85 1.4 for all of you camera enthusiasts who may wonder! We always have a fun time with our photo dates and usually rush back to her apartment to look at them and chose our favorites. All under the watchful eye of Butters, the bird who loathes my existence. We shared pizza crust so we may be moving in a friendlier direction. Fingers crossed!

We love when outtakes turn out well!

We have a love of the park near us and outfit planning. This time we went with inspiration from Lana Del Rey's- Born To Die music video. I have a feeling we will be channeling this again. Did I mention we also have an admiration for colored smoke bombs? Consider it mentioned!

Light 'em up!
What I wore: Tank top- Forever 21
Jean vest- Mindi's
Leather jacket- T.J. Maxx
Shorts- thrifted and cut by me
Footless lace tights- Target

Do any of your friends have a passion for photography like Mindi and our very own Sarah? Share it with us!

My frenemy, Butters

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Under $2... I'll Take It!

Finding cute things for cheap is always a good thing.

Ever since "Michael's" craft store started their $1 bin, I have been hooked.
I have become a journal/notebook hoarder (due to my obsessive list-making).
You can usually find cute little items, like these notebooks for just $1.

And there is just one more thing I have to share...
Yesterday, Danielle and I were killing time at "Forever 21" and
we found these super cute necklaces for just $1.50 each!
There are just simple chains with a charm or two on them,
but there were hundreds to choose from.

I think it might be cute to wear more than one at a time...

That is all, happy shopping :)


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Another Chance to WIN!

The lovely Sherry at the "oh so lovely" blog is hosting a giveaway
of one of my custom applique items...

Her blog is super cute, full of photos, fashion, handmade, and a super cute baby!

Go browse around her blog and check out this post to see how you can win!

Umm, seriously, how cute is her little boy Noah in this picture?!


Saturday, April 21, 2012

What I Wore To A Wedding.

As I have mentioned before, doing this blog with these lovely, fashionable ladies really challenges me!

I have been excited about fashion again and slowly stepping out of my "comfort zone"
by trying to wear things I have always felt too insecure to try before.

Also, as I have mentioned before, I am forced to step out of my comfort zone by
taking photos of myself in outfits. 

So here we go with a post of me doing both things! Hooray!
Bear with me as I learn better photo taking skills along the way, for now, here is the best I can do...

Today I went to a friend's wedding.
This means last week I realized I have no dress clothes and was forced to do some last
minute shopping and hope for the best...

Here is what I came up with (of course Danielle and Andrea helped me out with suggestions)...

The dress is from H&M.
I wouldn't normally even try something like this on, but I am glad I did, I love it!

The rose patterned tights are from Urban Outfitters.

This raspberry colored cardigan is from Urban Outfitters too (on sale)!
The pins are thrifted finds.

 Brown boots are vintage from Etsy.

I may be afraid to pose like a normal person, but I am NOT afraid to give ya
a little "double finger gun" action...

Does anyone have suggestions of other ways I can wear this new dress?


Friday, April 20, 2012

What a Man...

Levon Helm was one of the few who truly dedicated their lives to what they loved. He devoted over forty years making something beautiful & something that would bless countless generations. I cannot watch The Last Waltz without coming close to tears just from the shear talent that those men possessed. There was a time where heart and soul mattered in music and Levon had such a heart. The world needed Levon Helm & he will be missed. I will always have a place in my heart for that handsome little drummer from Arkansas.

Levon Helm 1940-2012.

"All my kin who love me 
All my friends who care 
Look beyond the dark clouds
We're gonna meet up there"

Rest easy Kind Sir.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

A wedding... Lyndsy & Jim.

Wedding season has begun! This past weekend I had the honor of photographing Lyndsy and Jim's wedding. They are such a sweet couple! Very laid back & a joy to work with. You could see how much they loved each other buy the way their faces would light up when they caught the others eye. One of my favorite parts of being a wedding photographer is getting to share that very special moment with people who truly care for one another.
I thought I would share just a little snippet of their very beautiful day:

More of my wedding/ engagement work here.

Have a lovely day!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Guest Spot: Nora & Zooey

Hello there! This is my first post with the ATTB girls and I am super excited about it. I did this illustration of one of my favorite girl crushes, Zooey Deschanel and will later delve into her usually great fashion sense. Zooey has starred in movies/tv shows such as Yes Man, 500 Days of Summer, The New Girl, and even an episode of Drunk History (Mary Todd Lincoln).

I love that Zooey adds one colorful element to whatever she's wearing and that's something I sometimes struggle with. She has a fun and quirky style but still manages to look like an adult and not a fifteen year old girl.

Who wouldn't want to cuddle up to this? I am big into long jackets, and scarves can also make most outfits from fall into winter. Considering mixing and matching prints is really 'in' right now this photo seemed just right.

This photo takes the cake and was Sarah's pick. Swimwear like this is coming back while leaving more to the imagination. Way to go, girl.

Floral prints have always been a style I loved and something that any lady can pull off. With shorts season fast approaching us we must be reminded of the high wasted choice to show off our killer legs of course.

It's hard to go out shopping now without seeing some sort of lace element and that's okay with me. You can look like a 80 year old woman and still be hot. Zooey does a great job of not looking like a giant doily. 

Last but not least... She has been known to go blonde. I am not in love with that skirt, but this photo is too cute to not share. Check out the video below of Zooey along side Joseph Gordon-Levitt as they sing about New Years Eve!

You can see more of my work here & here!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's All Grunge, Baby!

Melisa and I are coincidentally both wearing flannels (mine is almost too over-sized because I'm a disaster) , skinny jeans, and boots today. We are kindred, what can I say? This made us want to do one of our countdowns...grunge style. If you are slightly confused on what the said style is, the 90's called and they're pissed!

In a very particular order....we will start off with a mega babe.

1. Johnny Depp- He was at his best in the 90s, and we wish he would stick with his grungy style forever. Not knocking him now though. He still does it for us. Forever...and ever...and ever...and ever...and ever.....IDo!IWillMarryYou

2. Kurt Cobain- We love his sense of odd fashion. Old cardigans, striped shirts, and large sunglasses. It's like he was the Olsen twins before the Olsen twins. Not to mention his quirkiness might be one of the reasons we find his so damn attractive. RIP our little dumpster diver. <3

3. Dave Pirner- This one is all Melisa. She and her friend would listen to "Runaway Train" over and over. Being shy herself, she thought he was hot and shy so they would probably hit it off if they met. Shy's attract other shy's. Duh. Someone missed out because Melisa is the best! Jokes on you, bro.

4. Dave Grohl- Another member of Nirvana. Shocking right? I love him so much. In my mind he is super funny and cuddly. I don't know, he just is. Also, he has aged well like a nice, fine, wine. I would like to get drunk with a nice glass of Chateau St. Grohl.

5. Jared Leto- These days he is basically the biggest tool you can fit in a tool box, so we vote to keep him in our minds as Jordan Catalano forever. Mysterious, dark, quiet, babe in plaid...and scene.

6. Christian Slater- Give us a little Christian s-NOW, and a little Christian Slater. You didn't know I was serving corn for dinner did you? Surprise. Back in the late 80's-early90's he was a bad ass, Melisa would have shanked a Heather for him.

7. Winona Ryder- We are throwing some ladies in this countdown as a twist! She dated Johnny Depp, starred in Heathers with Christian Slater, and holds the title (to us) as Grunge Queen. She is even pretty running out of a high end department store with stolen goods...allegedly.

8. Drew Barrymore- To this day she is one of the cutest things ever. We LOVE her style in the 90's and think she can pull anything off. 

9. Claire Danes as Angela Chase- This is like looking at a photo of my sister in high school. I'd show you, but this might be the last time you all hear from me. Angela Chase was the best thing to happen to Claire Danes and our house. Melisa and I both would wear anything out of her closet. The day someone explains to me why My So Called Life only ran one season, is the day I stop being spiteful. Bring it on.


Did any of you rock the grunge style in the 90's? Or how about now because's back, and I'm not mad about it.

-andrea and melisa

Thrifty Easter

For Easter this year Jake & I went back to his dad's house for the weekend. It was super relaxing and simple which was just want I needed to help battle away a silly cold that had been bothering me for about a week. While we were out there we visited an adorable antique store and I picked up a few goodies:

I can never pass up cute saucers. 

Currently obsessed with collecting vintage planters.

I found the sweetest little punch tin note pad holder! I love it.

So even though I was a little under the weather it turned out to be a nice & quiet little get away. And it is always nice to see Jake's dad, who just happens to make the best breakfast.
How was your holiday weekend?


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lovely Handmade Etsy Finds...

I have a lot of admiration for those who can think up and produce unique handmade items. While Etsy's vintage section will always be fun... my favorite part of that site is the emphasis on promoting & selling handmade goodies. Here are a few of my currant favorites:

Canal St. Dress by KLING SHOP.

Embroidered Loom by Clever Apple.

Leather Ballet Shoes by Bali ELF.

Mr. & Mrs. Tea Cups by Wandersketch.

Crocheted necklace by Bobbi Lewin.

Woodland animals by redtilestudio.

Crocheted slippers by peoplewebs.

Bamboo napkin rings by Frenchfelt.

Lace bunting by Ami Elisah.

Be sure to check out these sweet little shops! And if any of you guys happen to know of some great handmade shops pass them this way!
Happy shoppin!