About Sarah

Name: Sarah

Age: 25

Q. If you could meet any celebrity (dead or alive), who would it be? 
A. Levon Helm

Q. Favorite designers/fashion bloggers: 
A. Christian Joy

Q. Item of clothing or accessory that you can not live without: 
A. My jean jacket

Q. Favorite color(s): 
A. Ivory

Q. Guilty pleasure celeb crush:
A. Axl Rose (circa 1980s)

Q. Favorite books 
A  Till We Have Faces, To Kill A Mockingbird

Q. Favorite movies: 
A. Control, I'm Not There, Snatch

Q. Favorite TV shows: 
A. X Files, Arrested Development , Twin Peaks

Q. Favorite music: 
A. Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Bob Dylan, The Clash, Joan Baez, The Band, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Gillian Welch, Bruce Springsteen, Refused 

Q. Celeb Fashion inspiration: 
A. Kate Moss, Charlotte Gainsbourg

Q. Blogs/websites:

Any other random facts about you...

I live in the south side of Pittsburgh with my darling husband and our fuzzy dog. I am a photographer and am currently working on non silver and other alternative processes. You can follow my work here: www.warmheart.tumblr.com