Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's All Grunge, Baby!

Melisa and I are coincidentally both wearing flannels (mine is almost too over-sized because I'm a disaster) , skinny jeans, and boots today. We are kindred, what can I say? This made us want to do one of our countdowns...grunge style. If you are slightly confused on what the said style is, the 90's called and they're pissed!

In a very particular order....we will start off with a mega babe.

1. Johnny Depp- He was at his best in the 90s, and we wish he would stick with his grungy style forever. Not knocking him now though. He still does it for us. Forever...and ever...and ever...and ever...and ever.....IDo!IWillMarryYou

2. Kurt Cobain- We love his sense of odd fashion. Old cardigans, striped shirts, and large sunglasses. It's like he was the Olsen twins before the Olsen twins. Not to mention his quirkiness might be one of the reasons we find his so damn attractive. RIP our little dumpster diver. <3

3. Dave Pirner- This one is all Melisa. She and her friend would listen to "Runaway Train" over and over. Being shy herself, she thought he was hot and shy so they would probably hit it off if they met. Shy's attract other shy's. Duh. Someone missed out because Melisa is the best! Jokes on you, bro.

4. Dave Grohl- Another member of Nirvana. Shocking right? I love him so much. In my mind he is super funny and cuddly. I don't know, he just is. Also, he has aged well like a nice, fine, wine. I would like to get drunk with a nice glass of Chateau St. Grohl.

5. Jared Leto- These days he is basically the biggest tool you can fit in a tool box, so we vote to keep him in our minds as Jordan Catalano forever. Mysterious, dark, quiet, babe in plaid...and scene.

6. Christian Slater- Give us a little Christian s-NOW, and a little Christian Slater. You didn't know I was serving corn for dinner did you? Surprise. Back in the late 80's-early90's he was a bad ass, Melisa would have shanked a Heather for him.

7. Winona Ryder- We are throwing some ladies in this countdown as a twist! She dated Johnny Depp, starred in Heathers with Christian Slater, and holds the title (to us) as Grunge Queen. She is even pretty running out of a high end department store with stolen goods...allegedly.

8. Drew Barrymore- To this day she is one of the cutest things ever. We LOVE her style in the 90's and think she can pull anything off. 

9. Claire Danes as Angela Chase- This is like looking at a photo of my sister in high school. I'd show you, but this might be the last time you all hear from me. Angela Chase was the best thing to happen to Claire Danes and our house. Melisa and I both would wear anything out of her closet. The day someone explains to me why My So Called Life only ran one season, is the day I stop being spiteful. Bring it on.


Did any of you rock the grunge style in the 90's? Or how about now because's back, and I'm not mad about it.

-andrea and melisa


  1. I love this post! Too funny.
    I used to rock the grunge look in the 90's and once in a while the mood strikes me to do it in the present. I was obSESSED with Jordan Catalano and My So-Called Life. And yes, Jared Leto is a jerk in real life, he wouldn't even give me a real hug.

  2. aww thanks for reading! I really want to post some of my "grunge" fashion pics, they are ridiculous bc I was like 12. And now we hate Jared even more!

  3. i'm all about the 90s so i dig this post.

    1. This was so much fun to do. I still am feeling things from all of the Johnny Depp photos I looked at today.


    Her style of fashion is really inspiring, it really is ;) WINONA FOREVER <3