Monday, November 26, 2012

My Top 5 Favorite Romantic Comedies!

I am a girl and I LOVE romantic comedies! I happened to catch Pretty Woman on TV the other day and it got me thinking about my favorites so here are my top 5 in no particular order.

Pretty Woman 
It doesn't get much better than Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in this classic. Their chemistry is amazing and who doesn't love a good story about a rich and handsome guy falling for a hooker!

When Harry Met Sally
The scene with the fake orgasm is hilarious and i love how the unusual pairing of Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan works so well! This movie just goes to show you can fake an orgasm but you cant fake chemistry and these two have chemistry!

The Object of my Affection
Before there was Wanderlust there was The Object of my Affection! I love this story of a pregnant woman falling in love with a gay man. I have also always loved Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd.

Pretty in Pink
This is by far my favorite 80's movie! Me and Melisa used to have it on repeat all day everyday to the point that we had memorized the whole thing! The only thing that could make this movie better would be if she would have ended up with Ducky like she was originally supposed to... damn test audiences! All in all it is a classic!

Crazy Stupid Love
Three words sum up why i love this movie: RYAN GOSLING SHIRTLESS!!!
Ha ha besides that it is a unique and well thought out plot and the cast is perfect!

So there you go my top 5 favorite romantic comedies! What are some of your favorites?

~ Danielle

Saturday, November 17, 2012

New Items Added To Etsy!

I have been busy preparing for the holidays!
I just thought I would drop by and give yo a peek
into the brand new items now in my Etsy shop.
Lots of new holiday designs...


Ok, I just HAD to do a couple Twilight inspired designs
in honor of the last movie coming out...
I will always be Team Edward...
But there is love for Team Jacob too...
Feel free to browse and maybe pick up some gifts for
your little ones for the holidays!

Friday, November 9, 2012

DIY Doubled Sided Rick Rack Napkins.

I've been slowly teaching myself how to sew by starting out with very simple projects. I recently started to make my own cloth napkins & I wanted to share one of the patterns that I used.
They are super cute & easy.

For this napkin you will need:
Two 18x18 inch pieces of fabric
Rick rack
Sewing machine

To start you place the two pieces of fabric with the right sides facing each other, then pin the corners to make sure that they are lined up.

Next, you will want to lay your rick rack just along the edge of your fabric and pin all the way around. Leave about about a two inch opening, so you can turn the napkin right side out when you are finished sewing.
The next step is to sew all the way around, turn right side out, & stitch up the opening.

That's it! Simple and fun. I'm sure they would make great Christmas gifts as well!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Easy DIY Fabric Fall Leaves

Ok, it's been months since I have posted, don't worry, I will tell you why soon.

Until then...

I was feeling a little crafty yesterday, so I decided to make some fabric leaves.
This project is super easy and really doesn't require a tutorial,
but I took lots of photos anyway.

So here is how I made some cute fabric fall leaves...

Here is what you need:

-Leaf Stencil (I just googled them)
-Tacky Glue or Fabric Stiffener Glue
-Paint brush (oops, forgot to picture)
-Wax Paper (oops again for no picture)

Step 1:
Cut out your leaves.
Here is a photo of the stencils I made...

Step 2:
Mix some glue and a little water.

Step 3:
Paint a thin layer of the mixture on your leaves and let dry.
(Of course this is where the wax paper comes in)
*This is to make the leaves a little stiffer so they aren't flimsy and curled up.

Flip them over and paint glue on the other side.
*The tacky glue mixture does not make the fabric as stiff as actual fabric stiffening glue.
I just didn't have it on hand, so I improvised.

Once they are dry, they are ready to be displayed!

I laid mine out on a table, but I thought it would also be cute to make
a garland, or frame some, or even glue ones on mason jars with votives...

Enjoy our last little bit of fall while it lasts!
Pittsburgh is COLD already!