Monday, April 30, 2012

Photo Fun Friday

I have a very terrific lady in my life that I am lucky enough to call my best friend. I have mentioned her before, and she even took our blog family photos! That's right, I am talking about the pint sized, craft loving, beard dating, silent giggling Mindi.

This past Friday she asked me to "play" and take some photos with her new lens, an 85 1.4 for all of you camera enthusiasts who may wonder! We always have a fun time with our photo dates and usually rush back to her apartment to look at them and chose our favorites. All under the watchful eye of Butters, the bird who loathes my existence. We shared pizza crust so we may be moving in a friendlier direction. Fingers crossed!

We love when outtakes turn out well!

We have a love of the park near us and outfit planning. This time we went with inspiration from Lana Del Rey's- Born To Die music video. I have a feeling we will be channeling this again. Did I mention we also have an admiration for colored smoke bombs? Consider it mentioned!

Light 'em up!
What I wore: Tank top- Forever 21
Jean vest- Mindi's
Leather jacket- T.J. Maxx
Shorts- thrifted and cut by me
Footless lace tights- Target

Do any of your friends have a passion for photography like Mindi and our very own Sarah? Share it with us!

My frenemy, Butters

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  1. andrea.. you are a babe. love ya <3


  2. Thank you miss lady <3. Love you!