Wednesday, December 7, 2011

90210 life lesson: Rotten egg edition!

Its that time again friends... its time for a 90210 life lesson!
This episode was entitled U4EA.

Part one: The egg exchange!

So that was the correct way to find your way to a secret rave. The egg is exchanged for a map to the secret location. Also, if a gas station clerk is handing out info to a rave most likely he is ok with giving alcohol to minors... score one for David Silver!?

Now that was the wrong way to do it. If the gas station clerk has no idea what you are talking about then you are probably at the wrong gas station. Or maybe the lady did know what they were talking about and caught a glimpse of that curly blonde mullet and those geeky glasses and decided to spare them the embarrassment. Either way these two can't seem to catch a break!

Part two: No means no... not slip it in my drink!

 Ladies if a guy tells you he doesn't want to get high with you your best bet is to leave it at that not slip it in his drink! And guys if a girl just asks you to do drugs with her then you might not want to take a drink from her two seconds later!

So taking U4EA can cause you to have the urge to take your shirt off and wear your girlfriends leather jacket, make really stupid dad jokes, and laugh at things that are not funny at all! Basically it turns you into a big ass... doesn't sound like fun to me no wonder Brandon tries to pass on it in the first place EMILY! Also, someone needs to let Brenda know that it's not nice to insult your boyfriend by telling him that you thought he would do drugs instead of your brother! No wonder you cant hold onto him past season 2!

 Emily if you slip your boyfriend illegal drugs chances are he is going to break up with you! I think the last two lines of this scene sum it up perfectly... yes he told you he had intense feelings for you but he was also high soooo... i think it might have been the drugs talking so take a hike you psycho!

In conclusion i think your best bet is to not date crazy girls with Billy Idol hair and to not attend a rave at all. The lame egg exchange should have been the first clue to call it a night... when will these kids learn!?

~ Danielle

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