Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lucky Days

Lucky, of 365 Lucky Days, has some serious dedication! She has pledged to do something new every day for an entire year. Muy Impresionante. There are some familiar blog fave faces and other famous mugs (Pee Wee, hello!) in her gallery. We love crafts, we love scraps of fabric, and we love quirky, so naturally we love her!

*Elsie from A Beautiful Mess. Talk about blogspiration.

*Elycia, from Love Elycia. One of our favorites!

 You can look at all of her projects thus far on her blog linked at the top of the page! So clever. So cute.

-the gals


  1. Isn't Lucky Jackson the best?! I am so thrilled to have been a part of her project :)

  2. those are incredible! i've seen the blog inspired ones, but matt damon? omg. didn't know i could be more in love with these.

  3. Matt Dillon but close enough and just as cute! They are so awesome. They would make awesome Christmas gifts for a crafty pal.