Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day Off = Thrifting Adventure!

Yesterday was a lovely day. Pretty Miss Melisa and I spend the afternoon thrift/craft shopping.

Since we both had the day off, we wanted to make the most of it. Melisa needed to pick up some new fabric for her handmade doggie bandanas and little baby onsies & I can never turn down an opportunity to get a little thrifty.  

Our first stop: Goodwill Thrift (located on McKnight Rd ). We found a few sweet finds there... I walked out with a few yards of pretty floral fabric, a cook book devoted to apples, and some lovely green thread.

The Christmas Story.

Creepy little elf.

Second stop: Panera Bread! Always good for a tasty lunch! (and for a little bit of spilled soup)

Third stop: Joann Fabrics (McKnight Rd)

Melisa loaded up her cart with plenty of cute and seasonal fabrics. And I got some new card stock for my postcard project.

Fourth and final stop: The community thrift store on Babcock Blvd. And here, we made out like bandits.

Dave Bowie Record: Last Dance.

Madonna and Child in vintage frame.

Little vintage rabbit shaker.

Super cute rooster and hen salt and pepper shakers.

Shirt Tales glass set!

Mary statue for Melisa's collection.

Trifting will never get old for there will always be an endless supply of unique and quirky vintage goodies for us to discover!



  1. I cannot wait for a post dedicated to melisa's walls. It's going to be the best.