Friday, October 28, 2011

90210 Life Lessons: Halloween Edition!

My favorite show of all time is Beverly Hills 90210. It premiered in 1990 when i was six years old. Not exactly the kind of show a six year old should be watching right? Wrong. The lessons i have learned watching 90210 have continued to help me throughout my adolescent and adult life! Seriously, i quite often find myself in a conversation with someone talking about a problem they are having and think to myself Brenda Walsh went through the same thing. So i have decided to share these lessons with all of you! Today's lesson is a two for one special.

Lesson number 1:
DO NOT dress up as a sexy vampire unless you want to be attacked by a cowboy!
In this clip you will see Kelly Taylor dressed up as a sexy vampire which causes this cowboy to get the wrong idea.

So what have we learned form this ladies? Maybe you should think twice before you put on that sexy kitten costume or that sexy cop uniform. Not only are these types of costumes ridiculous and unoriginal they are dangerous! As Brenda states later in this episode you're just asking for trouble wearing an outfit like this. So put away the sexy nun costume and think again!

Lesson number 2:
 Make sure your outfit is practical!
Donna Martin learned this lesson the hard way by choosing to wear this mermaid costume:                              

It may be cute and well made but it is extremely impractical. Donna could not walk or sit in this costume and had to spend the entire night standing in the corner by herself... not fun! So in closing think long and hard about what you wear on this wild and crazy holiday. Instead of going slutty or impractical try something more along these lines:
Yes that's Melisa dressed as a champagne bottle!

- Danielle


  1. I was going to be a sexy kitten but now I'm going to be a mermaid thanks for the advice. thanks!!

  2. Lis I love it !!!!! and you make a cute bottle of champaign ! love you ...Lynne

  3. Just to clarify, this post is not making fun of the heavy topics that the show tried to bring up, it is making fun of the drama of the show itself. We hope you catch the sarcasm, it's all in good fun :)