Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween House Tour

Tomorrow is Halloween! My sister always decorates her house so cute, especially around Halloween, which just happens to be her favorite holiday. I thought I would do a house tour and show you all of the knick-knacks that make her house spooky!

When you walk into her house the first thing you see is the family room. This might be my favorite room of all.

These are three of my favorite elements that make up the mantle. 

To the right of the family room is the dining room. On the far side of the room she has an old buffet that used to be our grandma's. Not only does it store her platters and other special occasion dishes, but it is home to the Halloween potions and poisons! She is a witch! Just kidding. Off with her 'ead!

It's just a little Hocus Pocus!

Once you walk through the kitchen, you hop down one step into Ads' play room, and of course she had to have Halloween decorations too!

How precious? Tomorrow I will be back over there to eat chili and watch my little niece trick or treat as a Pumpkin Fairy. What are you doing for Halloween? Did you go to any fun parties this weekend? I went to one and I was a cheap heard me. It was $10.

Clover says "Happy Halloween! Now get out of here!"


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  1. Your decorations are so gorgeous! <3 I especially love the little ghost holding the jack-o-lantern!

    Lost in the Haze