Friday, May 10, 2013

DIY Grocery Bag.

Recently Jake and I upgraded from a twin bed (all the better for cuddles) to a full, so now I have been left with a pile of sheets that I can not longer use. I decided to do a little repurposing and make some cloth bags to use for the grocery store. Very simple!

2 pieces of fabric 20x15 inches
2 pieces of fabric 29x4 inches
iron & ironing board
sewing machine

Once you have cut an ironed out your 20x15 inch fabric pieces, hem & pin 1" at the top (15in. side). Sew down the folded edge of both pieces.

Next, take the two 4x29 inch pieces of fabric and fold them lengthwise with the good side facing  inwards & iron the along the crease. 

After you have sewn the straps from end to end, trim the edge and turn right side out and iron.
Pin the straps onto the panels (approximately 3 inch down) and sew them on by using a box or an x stitch.
Once your strap are completed, pin the edges of the panels together (good side facing inwards) and stitch all around. Turn right side out and you're done!

Happy grocery shopping!


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