Monday, June 25, 2012

Instagram Life - Melisa

I have been super busy working on my little
business stuff. It's a lot of work, but it feels good
to be working towards something that I love.

Here are some clips of life as of late via Instagram.


Watching "Breaking Bad" with the husband and dog.
(We often curl Bruce's lips up so it looks like he is smiling,
it cracks me up every time)

I wore shorts with no tights!
Only because I got tattooed, but still, these legs saw sunlight!

Sewed until it hurt so bad I had to put band-aids on my 
fingers so I could finish my projects with less pain.

Shared the inside of my closet with the world.

Packaged and shipped lots of orders.

Showed my support of Murray and Schwartzman and saw
"Moonrise Kingdom", which was lovely.

Finally painted my nails.
I only paint them red.

Oh, and of course, here is what Cash did all week...

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Who else saw "Moonrise Kingdom"?



  1. Seeing it this weekend!!! Cant wait!
    Also, I like that you shaved the cat...was just talking to my boyfriend about doing that to our kitty :)

  2. You are gonna love it! It is so cute... both the movie and the shaved cat that is ;) -melisa

  3. putting bandaids on your fingers is actually a really good idea!! I hate how painful needles are when hand sewing!

  4. Yea, I wish I would have thought of that a long time ago! It actually works! I have tried other "thimble" type things but they failed. Band-aids helped, but I did have to use a couple on each finger :) -melisa