Sunday, June 10, 2012

Instagram Life- Andrea

Due to the lack of blogging I have been doing I tried really hard to document something every day so I could share it with all of you! By the time I get to the third day you will be able to see how uneventful my life of 23 years really is.

Littlest Niece and I avoided dog poop in the yard
Took a weekly photo with my "brother" Patrick
I hung out with Emily and Baby her jeggings
I enjoyed a nice gossip magazine and Oh Brother Where Art Thou? (I have an obsession with Mr. Clooney)
L.N. is the most spoiled when it comes to her books
The cheapest and most frat party daiquiri making ever for our fiesta party
Making chicken enchiladas
Natalie grated cheese like a pro
Weekly happenings at the diner
My brother in law and dad are the best of giggly friends
Bought my ticket for my mini vacation at the end of the month
Made the best breakfast sandwich
Is this our engagement photo or an awkward church directory photo? You decide
Fun times in the park
Did you do anything fun this week?

(instagram @andreabible)

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