Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dancing Queen

This past Sunday was my littlest niece's first dance recital! Being the doting auntie that I am, I have to share some images with you. She is too cute and we couldn't be prouder!


She was the smallest little ballerina in her class, and the loudest singer. No, really, she shouts the house down when she sings and it's monotone. It doesn't take much to make it in the music world anymore, so get her a contract! Maybe she can do a collaboration with the Tupac hologram...?

On the other side of the country, my other niece graduated preschool! They are getting so big I can't stand it. And this one is bilingual. I just...can't.

Not only are my nieces way cooler than I am, they are smarter as well. Because that's fair....


P.s. Instagram is a terrific and fun thing is it not?? (Note: the photos above because I'm too cheap to buy a nice camera). If you have an account leave your username in the comments and we will check out your photo skills!

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