Monday, March 19, 2012

Talented Friends - Lauren

I feel so very lucky to have a ridiculous amount of talented friends.
Today, I want to tell you about Lauren.

She is pretty, funny, and of course a talented artist.

I forced her to answer some questions the gals and I came up with, 
so read on and get to know my pal Lauren.

Here is our little interview...
Name: Lauren Rasch 
Where from: Originally from Tennessee, current Florida transplant, future resident of AnywhereButHere.
I asked her a bit about making things...
What are some of your first handmade craft/items you remember making? Other than normal childhood drawings, I think my first creative endeavors were nature crafts. I would go visit my grandmother on my grandparents' farm in Tennessee and we would go on adventures hunting fun items to use in crafty projects. We did leaf tracings and pressed flowers and daisy chains, and made sketches of things we'd found along the way. My artistic future definitely began in that farmhouse. 

What are your favorite things/crafts to make lately? I am mostly painting and doing illustration currently, but also toying around with found items to be used in sculpture, collage, and layering.

Where do you get your inspiration? Oh gosh, everywhere! I get inspiration from nature adventures, walking down the street, other artists, friends, conversations, music, meditation, the shower. Everywhere.

I asked her about fashion...
Describe your personal style: Eclectic. A bit of a mix of fun, flirty, and tough..with many vintage elements. And boots. I wear boots all year long. 
 Favorite place to shop (store or website): Thrift stores 4 lyfe.

Tell us about your worst haircut/style and or outfit/style phase: Well, I've had "the Rachel." And my hair was very much the wrong texture for that style. It was tragic. I also cut my own bangs when I was 4..and when I say "cut my own bangs," I mean I cut them off. My preschool photos are photos to be hidden forever.

I HAD to ask her about celebs...
Who is your celebrity crush? I will fight Melisa for Jason Schwartzman any day. Also thanks to her, Robert Pattinson. 
I never thought I would say that. Maybe that should be under the "guilty pleasure" section.

My favorite. I want.
Got a guilty pleasure celeb crush? Um, Mickey Rourke. And yes, I'm talking about Mickey Rourke
today. I almost had a panic attack seeing Iron Man 2. He's such a trainwreck, he's beautiful. Same goes
for Joaquin Phoenix. I only like him as a burly crazy person. I didn't find him the least bit attractive until
he went insane. I'm probaby exposing way too much of myself here. haha.
Guilty pleasure favorite song? When no one is around, I listen to a lot of rap/hip hop. I mean....a lot. 

Besides bonding over artsy craftsy things, celebs, Twilight, reality TV, and boots, we obsess over our pets.
Zissou the bulldog and Emerson the pit bull.

Extra bonus questions...
If you could be any animal, what would you be? I would be my bulldog, Zissou in a millisecond. He has
the best life ever. And he's cute as hell.
Why won't you visit me in Pittsburgh? I WILL. I'M GONNA. I have recently fallen in likelove with a beautiful
wonderful man and we are discussing locations to move to. Pittsburgh is being discussed. I kid you not.
Hang in there, Ima come get ya.

So, if you like Lauren's amazing art, she does take commissions for custom work.
You can contact her and check out more of her work here:
You can also contact her via e-mail:

Thank you Lauren!


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