Thursday, March 22, 2012

Etsy Finds.

When I am at work and bored I spend hours browsing Etsy.
Here are some of my favorites of the day...

Tell my husband to buy it for me here.

How cute is this little brooch?
This and many other unique pieces here.

Amazing little stationary set.
Who can I write a letter to on this?
Check it out here.

Love this jacket. Love the whole shop!
Go see for yourself here.

So cute! This shop has so many unique vintage finds!
Check it all out here.

I can't resist a good cat shirt.
Shop around here.

Oh Joe Strummer, how I miss you!
This shop has TONS of amazing pop culture shirts.
Find your favorite here.

I would love this table in my house.
Super neat shop here.

Well, there ya have it, things on my wishlist.
But really, I need that Mister Rogers stool.

Enjoy your day and shop Etsy!


  1. Ooh fabulous picks! I especially love the stool. And I can't resist a cat shirt either. ;) Thanks for including my kilim / denim jacket! I will be making a few more of them & possibly some kilim bags, too. You heard it here first! ;)


  2. Oh yay! Well, we love your shop, keep up the good work! Thanks for checking out out blog!

  3. Super fun finds Melisa! That stationary is sweet!! Thank you for the feature too :) xo, Suzanna

  4. Love, love, love that jacket!

  5. I'm a little late for the party - but thanks so much for featuring my farm table...and for letting me know that you did :). I'm looking forward to looking through your blog! Thanks again.