Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Valentines (Melisa's Celebrity Crushes).

Yep, Valentine's Day is a comin'.
We  have a few Valentine related posts in the works,
I just thought i'd kick it off with something that will
get us all in the right mindset... cute boys.

I am gonna share with you my celebrity crush list.
Yep, I have a list.
Yep, I take it seriously.
I have numbers for each (#1 being my favorite).
Crushes can be moved up and down on the list depending on my mood.
Adding and taking off celebs is something I do not take lightly.
I only add or take someone off the list after months of careful consideration.

Number One:
Robert Pattinson.
Ever since I broke down and gave in to watching "Twilight", I have been in love.
He has been #1 for a solid couple of years.
This photo is my my favorite. It is the background on my phone.
My husband hates him.

Number Two.
Jason Schwartzman.
He is adorable.
I love his movies. His TV shows. His music. His interviews.
He is funny and talented and I love him
with or without the mustache.

Number Three.
Tom Hardy.
He was awesome in "Bronson" (although he wasn't attractive as Bronson).
"Inception" had me considering him for the list.
"The Warrior" sold me.
So attractive.

Number Four.
Jonathan Knight.
He was a crush back then.
He is a crush now.
Ok, I admit, he does move up and down on the list often.
He was my favorite "New Kid" back in the day so
when we saw the reunion, the crush came back full force.
He moves around on the list because he tweets real odd things.
We will see if he can stay for the long haul.

Number Five.
James Franco.
He was added in the past year.
I became obsessed with "Pineapple Express".
Then I started re-watching "Freaks and Geeks" and just had to add him.
I love him as a dirt ball character for some reason.
His smile is hilarious.

I am adding a new member to my list, officially.
I have been thinking about it for months.
Here we go...

Number Six.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
Come on, look at him!
So cute.
Have you seen "Hesher" yet?
Congrats, Joe. I will be obsessing over you now.

P.S. Just as a side note, I do love my husband. 
He thinks my crushes are silly.
They are silly, but it's fun.

Who are your celeb crushes?