Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

My mom doesn't think she is that great of a seamstress, but many think otherwise. She used to make our Halloween costumes every year and countless dresses for my sister and I. Now, she has two grandgals to spoil with homemade dress up clothes.

Her latest project was a Dorothy dress for Ads. The Wizard of Oz has been a staple in our family since my sister was a little girl. It was her absolute favorite (still is, see her special tree here) and now it's Addison's favorite too! Talk about "like mother like daughter". She wears this dress everyday, carries an imaginary basket with Toto in it, and each member of the family is a different character. I am the scarecrow if you were wondering.

The beginning of the movie is sepia after all...

She's 'off to see the Wizard'!

Dorothy loves to accessorize, right? She said she couldn't decide so she just put them all on. She's also a woman....I can't even take this little girl.

I think my mom did a pretty swell job. I am off to see the wizard known as the barista at my local Starbucks! Enjoy this sunny day!



  1. Thank you! She made my sister a Dorothy dress that was then passed down to me and I think we were both her a hand full of times for Halloween. She just finished a Snow White dress for Ads too! Too bad sewing isn't hereditary :).

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