Thursday, January 5, 2012

What 2011 Looked Like to Pittsburgh


Vieve and Dave! Engaged and married all in a year's time.

Summer laundry days.
Good company.

Cornerstone 2011.

Campin' in Cook's forest.

Josh and Becky!

Little snippets from a beautiful year. I hope you enjoy them!

- sarah


  1. why thank you!
    i was looking through your flickr and LOVE you series "on the floor..." very cool.

  2. thank you so much:) i always take photos of my feet hahahah.. i need to add some more:)... do you have a flickr??
    and really these photos are very very beautiful,very dreamy:)

  3. thanks!
    and yes i do!

  4. i really love your photos..your portraits are amazing!! i added you as a contact(with all the different flickr i got:).. which cameras do you use?

  5. thanks so much for the support!
    i primarily use a canon rebel k2 and a mamiya c330.
    i just got a canon 7D for weddings but prefer to use film over digital for my personal work. I also have an old view camera that i like to break out every once in a while.
    what do you shoot with?

  6. wow nice cameras:).. ahh me too..i m a big film fan, my favorite cameras are an old canon ae1 and an av1)..but i also use a canon 400d(its getting a big old hahah so im thinking of getting something a bit better, i always wanted to get something a bit more professional).. sometimes i use a lubitel or some other old film cameras or some lomography stuff but mostly my old canons and my 400d..
    thanks for adding me back:)

  7. what pretty pictures! i love them all so very much, and that special vintage touch each one of them have! :) so pretty!

  8. thanks lauren! and! oh my goodness! your blog is so cute! i love it :)