Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Old Family Things.

As many of you may already know, I appreciate old things.
I have for a very long time. I buy other people's old things.
I decorate with old things. I wear old things.
I most definitely get this from my mom who also collects old things.
She gets it from my Nana who does the same.
I am very grateful that my family has kept a lot of heirlooms as the years have past.
I have been lucky enough to have some of my family items passed down to me.
I find them to be so darling. I wanted to share some photos.
These things have inspired me to research a little more about my family.

I have an amazing family Bible that is over 100 years old. It has some of the family's births, deaths, and marriages hand written in it.
I was very close with my great grandmother "granny". I have her old Bible with her name embossed on the front "Erma L.Lamberton" who became Erma (Lucille) Archer.
Her Bible has all sorts of old clippings of obituaries, notes, and a random photo of a child that I have no information on.

I also have some random letters that belonged to my Granny.
The one pictured on the bottom left is a letter from her brother asking her to attend his wedding.
I can't imagine handwriting letters for things like that.
The photo to the left of the letter is from a book given to me for Christmas last year.
The book is from my Granny's mother's death. Her name was Agnes Smith.
The book has notes on who attended the funeral and cards people sent.
The top left photo is my Granny's baby book.
It's really cool to read about her infant years.
It took her parents 3 days to name her!
The final photo (top right) is my Granny's high school autograph book.
Many of her classmates wrote little notes just like how mine signed my yearbook when I was in school.

This is my Granny. The bottom left photo is my very favorite.
She was such a sweet lady.

This is her husband, Garland Clyde Archer.
I never met him, he passed away just weeks before I was born.
I am sure that is why me and Granny were so close.
I have heard so many stories about "Poppy".
He was a master hunter and fisherman (even had a chapter in a book written about him).
He was in a terrible accident and was told he would never walk again, but he did.
I have a pair of his old glasses like the ones in the last photo.

The top right lady is Granny's mother (my great-great grandmother), Agnes.

These photos are of Garland's parents, Amos Hancock Archer and Pearl Blanche Robinson.
My family has the most amazing names.
I can't wait to use some of them for my future children.

A family photo of Granny and Poppy and their 3 little girls.
My nana (Carol Fay) was the youngest.
Her sisters are Marylin and Shirley.

 These are photos of my mom and her siblings.
My mom is in the red sweater.

I wanted to also share a  few more photos from a very old photo album with tintype photos.
No one knows who these people are, but they are family.
Kind of creepy and fascinating.

How about those mustaches!

So, what is my very favorite item of all my family pieces?
My Granny's engagement ring which was given to my husband when he asked my mom if he could marry me.
It was still in the same worn green velvet box.
I wonder what my Granny would think of me wearing her ring on my tattooed finger?



  1. i love your grandma's ring!!!! swoon!

  2. Aww thanks :) I feel so lucky to have it! I hope i have a daughter to pass it down to someday.