Saturday, July 27, 2013

All Of The New Things!

Our blog is about to enter its terrible two's and it is sure growing up. We got a new look thanks to our friend Nora Housler and got some new photos taken by Rachel Norris--who is working with our very own Sarah taking photographs for the newly engaged and newly wed! Check that fun out here!

Now onto the main event.

******Spoiler alert****** 

We are very poised and professional models and take the art VERY seriously. You will be able to tell that immediately. 

We look like grown ups. 
Tough grown ups.
I'm an ass.
sarahSarah  raspberries 
andreaAndrea  strawberries 

Sadie is way more into the berries than modeling and still did the best out of all of us!
We had a lot of fun taking these photos last week and it was a nice excuse to all get together. Not to mention that Danielle loathes berries so that was fun to watch her eat them, and her daughter Sadie got to hang out with us too and we became fast friends over applesauce so I'd stamp the adventure one big freaking success! We won't discuss the torrential down pour that caught us after dinner...let's keep this positive and light. 

Thanks for sticking around with us for this long, and here is hoping to many more years! 

-The Gals & Sadie

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