Thursday, June 13, 2013

NKOTB Concert - Obsessed For Life.

If you were a young girl in the 90's, you probably were obsessed with
New Kids on The Block. Danielle and I were no exception.
We had the cassettes, watched the videos, had the dolls, pins, etc.
My dream was to randomly run into Jon somewhere and for him
to fall in love with me. I thought I had a chance with him, because
we were both shy, even though he was 20 years old and I was 10.
Danielle's love was for Jordan (us sister's loved those Knight brothers).
The best Easter ever was when the Easter Bunny left Danielle and I
matching NKOTB tee shirts in our baskets!

(Later that day, Danielle fell face first in mud and ruined her shirt.)

Although we had everything NKOTB related when we were young,
we never got to go to an actual NKOTB concert.

Then a few years ago, the good Lord answered my 10 year old prayers
and the group reunited! Little did Danielle and I know, the obsession
would be rekindled only way worse than before!

We got tickets as a gift for the reunion tour.
We drove a couple hours to Cleveland with the intention to
leave feeling nostalgic and have some laughs.
Let me tell you, once they took the stage, it was like a wave
came over us and we were kids again! We were screaming
like little girls, dancing for 2 straight hours, and singing every word!

It was over and we felt sad the night ended.
We immediately got tickets to the next nearest concert.
Since then we have seen them 5 times.

The very best night was when we were given backstage passes,
by a random story which I won't bore you with, and we got to
meet DONNIE WAHLBERG! We talk about this every chance we get.
We were totally not cool when this took place.
Loss of words, too awkward to stand up for the photo,
and I caught myself reaching my hand up to hold his. So embarrassing!
We were showing off our NKOTB tattoos which we got
after our 1st concert which are cassette tapes that say "Hangin' Tough".

Tuesday night we went to our 5th NKOTB concert with 3
of our other friends who are just as obsessed.

Once again, it was a fun time that made us all feel young again.
If you have yet to learn much about this reunion, here are a few things to know:
1. They still look super hot.
2. They still do choreographed dancing.
3. They have 2 new albums which we LOVE.
4. They perform all the old hits (and a few new ones).
5. They still look SUPER hot.

Here are some photos from the Pittsburgh concert (taken from
*We were too far away to take good pics this time*

My man Jon sang a little solo, I was so proud.

Danielle LITERALLY burst into tears when Jordan
sang part of a Prince song ("Kiss") as he exposed some abs.

Ok, so I have gone on gushing for long enough...
let me leave you with this advice, if you were a fan back in the day,
You will have a blast and I think you will be impressed with
how they can still do what they do.

Here is the music video to the newest single:
(Hubba, hubba.)

Don't ever be ashamed of things (or guys) you love.

Have any of you went to the reunion concerts?

-Melisa (& Danielle)

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  1. This made me laugh out loud. I can absolutely relate to total 90s boy band obsession!