Friday, June 21, 2013

Henry Fashion Obsession - LEGGINGS!

I am having lots of fun dressing my little guy. Right now, since he is only 4 months old, I tend to stick to more comfortable things for him to wear, although I can't wait to get him in some skinny jeans.

One of my very favorite staples in his little wardrobe are basic leggings.

 I love them because...
1.They are comfy.
2.They are generally inexpensive.
3.They come in every color and pattern you can imagine.
4.You can get gender neutral colors and patterns so
they are perfect hand me downs.
5.They can be worn longer because they are cute
baggy and tighter, as well as longer rolled up or shorter "cropped".
I am always on the hunt for new leggings for Henry. Here are some on my "wish list" for future buying.
(Ok, these ones are no longer on my wish list because
I just bought them and they are on the way. I can't wait
to post some pics of Henry modeling them soon!)
Check out "The Little Spoons" shop on etsy for these and more.

While we are visiting Etsy...

Amazing antler patterned leggings!
Find them at "carlymegan" shop.
Then there are plaids...

"Lillabarn" shop (on Etsy also) not only has LOTS
of cute handmade leggings, but also adorable
onesies, tees, and baby bandanas!

Just go to Etsy, search for "baby leggings" and you will find TONS of amazing leggings for kiddos.
Moving on to some new shops found thanks to Pinterest!

Oh, also these please because sharks are great.

I just discovered "The Pippa and Ike", which is a great children's clothing site!
These are on sale.
You know how I love stripes!
*Hey Mom, Henry needs these, buy them here.*

For the best deals on comfy leggings and other comfy children's clothing, I have been loving "Cotton On"
I am loving these color block leggings, find them
and lots more colors and styles only 2 for $15!

For basics, I got to "American Apparel".
These are only $12 and they come in various colors!

I have found so many, I may have to do a PART 2 soon!

Lately, it's been so hot in our house that Henry has ditched clothes, so I have no new pics of him in his favorite leggings. However, I will leave you with this pic of him mastering his perfect "duck face".

Enjoy shopping, and if you come across any other great finds. Keep me posted!



  1. Hey! Thanks for including my plaid leggings in your blog post. I love to see what mamas are looking for!

    --Bergen @ Lilla Barn

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  3. Whoa, had no idea there were so many different styles of shaping leggings out there. Very cute kid!