Thursday, May 16, 2013

Henry Style - Baby Boy Fashion Favorites

Finding cute baby clothes for boys can be tricky.
It seems like it's always easy to find fun dresses and outfits
for girls, but all the baby boy clothes are mostly sports themed or have
cheesy sayings on them. It's not the style I had in mind for Henry,
so I have had to do some searching to find items that are a
little more unique...
I wanted to share some of my favorite items/shops with
my friends who have little guys to shop for.
Since Henry is only about to hit the 3 month mark,
I have mainly dressed him in things that are comfortable.
I typically have him in a basic onesie, cotton stretch pants
(leggings), a cardigan, and moccasins.
The pants pictured are one of my favorite gifts from
the stylish sisters Christen and Kylie (purchased in New Zealand).
Here are some similar striped pants from Baby Gap...
Here are some adorable leggings found on Pinterest I would
love to see Henry in.
Purchase them here.
For basics, like comfy onesies, cardigans, and hoodies (pictured below),
I have loved American Apparel.
I am loving this cardigan from Zara...
The very first things I purchased when I found out I
was pregnant, were these moccasins...
They are handmade and can be found in various colors here.
(*You may want to check back for a chance to win a free pair in the near future*)
When he isn't wearing his moccasins, we keep his little feet
warm with fun socks!
I found these colorful ones on Amazon...
And finally, Henry is always really excited to wear
onesies made by his very own mama...
That is what I get for shamelessly plugging my Etsy shop!
Where are your favorite places to shop for little boys?

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