Saturday, May 25, 2013

Etsy Finds - Arrested Development Edition

Tomorrow is the day we have been waiting for...
"Arrested Development" (AKA: funniest TV show ever) is back!
To celebrate, I wanted to share some of my favorite
"Arrested Development" items found on Etsy.
I can't have a pop culture list without featuring a "luckyjackson" piece.
There are like a million of her pieces I feel like I need!
Being that "Buster" is my favorite character, I would
be proud to wear these tees...
This one is from "LookHUMAN".
Umm, a Buster kitchen towel... YES.
Get it from "4thirteenpicks".
Bluth family nesting dolls...nuff said.
Made to order by "tatianaveneruso".
These amazing pencils can be found at "littlepancakes" shop.
I think there are actually 2 different quote sets to collect!
This little shop "Arthursplaidpants" has a few different
Arrested Development button/magnet sets, so go get
your favorite character's set!
And for all you "Tobias" fans...
Get this never-nude stitchery from "HappyHoopla".
Words can't express how amazing I think this mug is from "abirdinthehand".
I love this Bluth Album print by "joebot"!
I bet you didn't know an "Arrested Development" paper doll set existed.
Take a minute to visit the "heartlessuniverse" shop because
you really need to see the details in this set!
There were lots more great "Arrested Development" merchandise
on Etsy, but I had to narrow it down.
I dare you to go to Etsy and search for "Arrested Development"
and NOT buy anything!
Myself and some friends will start our season 4 marathon
tomorrow morning at 10am.
Do you have any plans for this big event?


  1. SO many good finds! I can't wait for tomorrow!!

    1. I know! It's going to be hard not to stay up and watch right at midnight!