Saturday, May 5, 2012

(Almost) 30 Years of (Interesting) Hairstyles.

I am officially in the last 2 days of my 20's.
Monday May 7th I turn the big 3-0.
It's such a weird thing to think about. I am not upset about it or anything.
I just can't believe I have been on this earth for 30 years already.

Obviously 30 years comes with lots of changing.
Growing, learning, personality, style, but one the one thing that will
always be changing and always come back to haunt me are my hairstyle choices.

Come browse the various (and mostly embarrassing) hairstyles of my past.

Oh look, my natural color! I almost forgot what it is!
Most of my childhood I had long straight hair and LOTS of bangs.
My mom cut my bangs and they were half of my head.

I begged for a "spiral perm" and Nana gave in.
Lots of bangs and a perm = amazing!

4th Grade was the year I cut my hair short.
The bob, but the back was "stacked". I thought it was cool
that they shaved the back a little.
Add a turtleneck, crochet vest and gold hoops and you are a rockstar!

After that I spent the next several years growing my hair back out again.

I got blonde highlights in 7th grade and after that I was obsessed 
with dying my hair. Colors ranged from reds, browns, blacks, then
quickly to hot pinks, blues, and so on...

THEN my 1st year of college I chopped all my hair off again...
It's the drastic haircut all girls who want to be punk rock do.
If I was bold enough, I would have shaved my head.

The next several years went from longer to shorter to
longer to even shorter to longer...

I even had a "mohawk" phase...

THEN it just got bigger and messier...

Then I grew it out.
Then I cut half of it real short.

Then I grew it out again.
And lightened it up.
And I feel good about that.

30, here I come.

Anyone else have any hairstyles you regret?



  1. Thats a really neat progression. PS: What did you tend to use to get your hair all sticky-outy in the "bigger and messier" phases so that it would stay? I have a pretty horrible time making it stay longer than an hour before it justgoes limp and falls down.

  2. Thanks for reading! I mainly used to sleep on it wet, tease it, and use a texture cream and cheap hairspray. Now there is this volumizing powder out (it is literally powder you work into your roots and it makes it big) and it is awesome! I wish I had it back then! -melisa

  3. wow, i love this look back! what a cutie, bangs and all! i had a lot of perms, which weren't great. but most of my childhood, my mom made me cut my hair boy short, and not in a cute way. i never loved it!