Monday, March 12, 2012

The Littlest Niece!

Littlest niece is slowly becoming not so little anymore! That makes me sad. This Sunday we will be celebrating her 3rd birthday with some close family and friends. I will take this time to introduce you all to her and some of the things she thrives at.

We call her Gertrude because of her very mature vocabulary and love of old lady-like activities. She's growing up too fast! I am such an aunt...



  1. You can't do this to me! I love this little girl, who I don't even know yet! That picture with the mannequin is golden.

  2. oh cool, my heart just melted. i guess i didn't really need it anyway...

  3. Hahaha T- my sister had her at the mall and she goes "mommy look!", and when Kelly turned around she was holding its hand. In her Dorothy gear of course..

    MaryEllen- she's the only acceptable reason for a heart to melt and disappear. Mine has been gone for years!