Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentine's Day with Sadie Fay.

I got to spend my Valentine's Day with my little niece Sadie Fay!
We were very busy today doing fun Valentine's projects!

Here is how we spent our day...

Modeling the new Valentine's Shirt I made her.
Wait, she isn't ready...
Ok, now she is ready...
Let's get to work...

Painting Valentine's Cards.

We also painted some hearts to decorate the wall.

We colored little ceramics for mommy, daddy, grandma's and aunt Chelsea.

Can I please get a smile?

That is all I am getting.

Sadie wanted to take a "pitsher" of "aunt wissa"...

I said no close-ups, I didn't even shower today!

We ate pink marshmallows.

Valentine Socks!

Officially worn out.

Happy Valentine's Day!

-melisa and sadie fay

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