Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Sadie Fay Takeover!

Today I'm going to start off 2012 by introducing you all to my adorably wild two year old Sadie Fay!

So this is how I Sadie Fay started my day! First i went to church with Mom and Dad. Then i made them take me to favorite restaurant Benihana!

I played with stickers and colored with my Dad while i waited for my food. My Dad is always trying to tell me how to color... um Dad I'm two i don't know how to draw roads for my cars to drive on!

Finally my soup arrives and my Mom made me wear this napkin in my shirt like a big dork! I tried to use the chop sticks but it is just too hard to pick up something liquid with wooden sticks... you would think my parents would try to warn me of this but NO! So i moved on to a spoon! Yummy in my tummy!!

So i finished my soup and watched and waited for my fried rice. 

Mom whats taking so long and why is this guy spinning knives with a two year old at the table?

Well lunch was great! That was the best meal i've had all year... haha get it?! After lunch we went on to have a relaxing day at home! Partly because it is the sabbath and partly because i am too wild to be out for too long in one day! So we went home and i put on my slippers Aunt Melisa got me for Christmas! Maybe i should clean this place up first... i do know how to make a mess!

All cleaned up... thanks Mom for doing it with me!

Now it's time to stop and watch some TV... i'm so much like my Mother!!!

That's all i have to say for today but don't worry i'll be back to blog again about food, TV, and fashion!

~ Sadie Fay

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