Friday, January 13, 2012

Fashion Inspiration.

I am sure I have mentioned in past posts, that I do not consider myself a "fashionable" person.
I tend to stick to the same old outfit everyday (skinny jeans, tee, cardigan).
This blog has really challenged me just in the past few months to take small steps
out of my style comfort zone and try some new things.

Since it's the new year and the perfect time to set some new goals,
I have decided to challenge my fashion this year.

When I was younger, I wasn't afraid to wear bold, unique things and set my own trends
(although some of those old photos may haunt me haha).
As I get older, I have kind of lost my sense of personal style.

I don't obsess over shopping, in fact I only get the itch to shop a few times a year.
When  I do shop, I end up only buying more sweaters and playing it safe with basics.
I get overwhelmed and don't know what I can pull off or how to put an outfit together.
It can be frustrating (I am weird, I know).

I had this idea of starting a "fashion inspiration notebook"
(which I have shared with the other gals).
I collect pics from magazines, etc of looks I like and things I may want to try 
in a notebook and take notes.

This way, before I shop I can browse through it and remember some
styles, accessories, color combos that I may want to try.

Here are some photos of my book.
If you are like me, maybe it will inspire you to do something similar.

This is not the easiest challenge for me.
I tend to be a little self conscience.
If anyone has any advice, let me know!

What is your personal style?
How did you find it?


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