Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What I Wore. New Boots.

Christmas brought me new boots and a little bit of cash to shop with. 
I bought what I always buy...

Here is what I wore today...
(I still have yet to figure out how to take nice full body photos, so this is the best I can do)

Sweater (thin, mossy/teal) - Forever 21 ($15)
White Button Up Shirt (thin, short sleeve) - Urban Outfitters ($15)
Pins - Thrifted, made from old jewelry
Boots (black, Nine West) - Macy's (Clearance $49)
Jeans - American Eagle (Dark Denim Jeggings) - AE ($35)

*I have a really hard time finding jeans that fit. I like "skinny" jeans or "stretch" jeans,
but usually whatever size fits my waist/hips is then too baggy in the legs.
(I have wider hips (and I admit, a little muffin top) but my legs are thinner)
American Eagle's "jeggings" are awesome!
They are actual jeans (not stretch pants). They have stretch to them so
they fit over my hips and stay tight on my legs down to the ankles.
Check them out if you have similar jean fitting problems, or just like tight jeans.
Andrea and I were just discussing jeans so I thought i'd share my favorites.


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  1. story of ma lyfe with jeans! i like your sweater! also, thanks for your very sweet comment if that was you. i also don't know how to take full body shots.. i think i need a tripod or something? and i'm too lazy to use my camera so i just keep using my iphone. #firstworldproblems