Monday, December 5, 2011

Layers: Boy Meets Girl

The last few days have been surprisingly nice here in Pittsburgh so layers haven't been necessary, but Friday was the kind of December we are all used to. I layered up with 2:2 ratio of boy and girl clothing. Once I snapped some quick photos it was off to my friends show.

I apologize now for the webcam quality but it was a last minute thing that I had to share! Dear Santa, I need a new laptop...

T-shirt: Daniel Albrigo* via my brother
 Flannel: Kohl's young men's department
Cardigan: Target
Belt ring: Hand-me-down from my sister
Owl ring: Forever 21 (this ring works harder than a lady of the night)

Oh Baby Ads

 Sometimes boy's clothes are the most comfortable. The flannel is an x-small and it works splendidly under this cardigan. News flash: I mixed brown and black and that's ok!! They are both neutral colors which is why it works. Go on and try it. I promise the portal to Fashion Hell won't swallow you whole, with the kiss from TLC's Virgin Diaries playing on a loop the entire way down. Honestly you guys, that show made me more uncomfortable than when my jeans ripped in 8th grade (<--true). I was very close to breaking out in a cold sweat.

How do you layer?


*Check out Daniel's artwork here!


  1. I love that cardigan, in fact I love the whole darn outfit!

  2. I layer my sea blue Flex Fleece American Apparel hoodie underneath my Lucky Brand, red/black Hunter Plaid Shirt Jacket. I've been living in this combo lately and should probably try and find something different to mix it up, but it's so comfortable that I can't bring myself to stopping.,default,pd.html?cgid=mensJacketsHoodies&selectedColor=110

  3. Katie- Thank you! It was a random combo that thankfully worked out! My niece is the perfect accessory :)

    Travis- Yes, but you have Vermont roots. It is acceptable to wear this everyday, even in NYC. I love it!



    There we go.