Friday, November 4, 2011

Things to Make With Buttons ... Pins, Magnets, Tacks...

Colorful buttons make pretty much anything cute. I sew them on cards, bags, scarves to pretty them up. I often make pins, magnets, and thumbtacks out of buttons, so I thought I would share this super simple project so you can make them too!

-Needle and Thread
-Hot Glue Gun
-Pin backs, Magnets, Tacks

Choose 3 various sized buttons.

Stack them largest to smallest.

Prepare your thread and needle by doubling and knotting it.

Sew through the buttons holes but bring needle through your doubled thread to hold it in place.

Sew through the buttons holes a few times to secure them and knot your thread.

Hot glue your choice of pin, magnet or tack on the back.

And there you have it! Now have fun accessorizing your bulletin boards, fridge and of course cardigans!



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