Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Melisa's House Part One - Kitchen

Hi friends. I love home decorating! I love bringing home my thrifted and antique finds and figuring out where to put them in my house. I love figuring out ways to take old things and repurpose them into something new. I am not really sure how to describe my home decor style, I guess "eclectic" would work. I have lots of bright colors, antiques, mini collections of things, etc. I thought I would take some time to show you some of the rooms of my house and share some of my favorite spaces and decorating ideas. Today I shall introduce you to my kitchen...
Keep in my mind that my husband and I are renters so we have to make due with the ugly cabinets (with mirrors, ew) and countertops ( in a dark hunter green, ew again). I can't wait to have our own house that I can go crazy making every detail perfect. Anyway... First thing I had to do was paint these plain white walls. I chose a mint green.
This is the little "dining" area. My table always has a vintage table cloth. My chairs were found at yard sales, craigslist, or given to me. 

This little pale pink shelf was one of my very favorite vintage finds. It holds some of my antique tins and vintage aprons.
These other shelves are from Ikea. I don't love them, but painted red and piled high with old bottles and tea cups they seem to work ok. I really love the mini polka dot tea cups that were a gift from my sister. The dog and cat salt and pepper shakers I stole from my mother. Many of those bottles and tin cans (which are wrapped in fabrics, string, bows) were used in Sarah's wedding too!

My curtains are made from vintage aprons. This is a SUPER EASY project. All you have to do is cut the little straps off and slide them onto a curtain rod! 

Here is another little set above my sink. I used old mini bread pans to hold sponges. 

Yea, I went through a tea pot collecting phase. I don't even like tea. 

I think I saw the old pan lids as towel holders in a Martha Stewart or Country Living Magazine years ago.
I also went through a plate collecting phase. I hung the decorative ones. Someone once asked if I was trying to make them into the shape of the USA. I wasn't trying to, but I guess I can see it.
I love a covered fridge. Photos, kid's art, Christmas cards... it's all staying on the fridge. 

So there it is. My kitchen. A work in progress. A dust collector, haha.
Thank you Sarah for taking nice photos for me!



  1. I have a question! I just moved and I recently collected old plates from my great-grandmother's basement... how did you hang yours on the wall? I rent so my options are kind of limited... thanks!

  2. I actually just used plate hangers which you can get at most craft stores, they have various sizes and are really cheap (like $2 each). Super easy and cheap way to do some cute decorating! I would love to see pics when you get them all up!